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My husband was deported in 1999 his mother is a US Citizen what can he do to come back to the US?

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He had his green card at the time and he hasnt tried to come back at all since then, we go to see him almost every other day but it es very tiring and expensive not to mention time consuming as the lines at the international crossings get longer and longer, I thank you for your help and advice, thank you.

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It depends, some people can never come back, others can come back with minimal issues. Why was he deported? Take his paperwork to a qualified immigration attorney and they will help you determine the best path forward.
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There is one missing piece of information in your inquiry - Why was he deported? Also, are you a U.S. citizen? If so, you may be able to petition for him. The mother may already be able to petition for him, but he has to wait years before he can apply for an immigrant visa, and then the question becomes whether he is admissible to the United States based on his criminal and immigration history.

I recommend that you see an attorney in person. Good luck!


All depends on why he was deported. If criminally as an aggravated felon, then he can probably never come back. if for another reason, have an experienced attorney review his entire file and come up with the most appropriate solution. If you do not know why he was deported, makes sense to get his file

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If he had a green card and was deported, there must have been a reason. Do you have the immigration court papers to determine the basis for his deportation?

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