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My husband was convicted for conspiracy to commit murder, no evidence to support, can we file MAR in NC? He had other charges to

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in the transcript, co-defendant statements and testimony there is no evidence to support this charge, he has served 17 years. He took a plea and that was not explained to him in detail either. We just want to file MAR for the conspiracy that never took place. We are trying to get an attorney to assist in this matter. Can we file a MAR, and do you know any true, reliable, affordable, honest attorneys that will fight for him.

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You can only file a MAR under specific reason under NCGS 15A-14-15. There are very specific reasons to allow you to change a judgment and if you do not fall within one of those you will not be eligible for a MAR. If you do, find a local criminal defense attorney who has argued these in the past and get started. Best of luck!

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The transcript of plea would cover almost every single issue upon which you would file a motion for appropriate relief (the specific reasons sited in Mr. Sullivan's answer). The issue of an insufficient factual basis for a conviction is pretty much lost at this point (there is always a chance). Sounds like you will be forced to allege either there is new evidence or inefficient assistance of counsel leading to a violation of your 6th amendment rights. This sort of service is not going to be affordable. Try contacting the Indigent Defense Services to see if there is a legal aid department.

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