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My husband was attacked by my ex in FL. What steps should we take now?

Tarpon Springs, FL |

My husband was attacked by my ex, and suffered a broken nose, facial fractures to the center right and left nasal passages. He has to have surgery before he can return to work, I am in school, and we have no money. What should we do to get him surgery so he can return back to work and we want to pursue a lawsuit against him. husband never touched my ex.

Yes I called in the attack to our local police department, and the suspect was arrested. We got a temporary injunction granted today. Would a family lawyer handle this type of case?

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You can file a criminal charge against ex.You can sue ex civlilly.You can get a restraining order against him as to yousince you had a domestic relationship with him. As for surgery, you may have to see if there is a crime victim's compensarion board in Fl.
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Did he report the attack? If there's a pending criminal case, he could call the victim's advocate for the state attorney's office or the sheriff's department.


You should contact the Tarpon Springs Police Deparment to report the incident. If you or your husband fear that your ex may attempt another attack, you also have the option to seek an injunction (restraining order) in civil court. A temporary restraining order would be issued, then your case would be set before a judge who will determine if and/or how long the restraining order will take effect.