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My husband was arrested for a DUI and we cannont afford bail.

Flagstaff, AZ |
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Is your husband being held for an aggravated DUI? If you don't know. Was he driving on a suspended license or was this his third DUI in seven years? I suggest hiring an attorney immediately. A lawyer may be able to petition the court for a bail reduction.


How much is the bail right now?

Robert West


You need to hire a lawyer. This is more important than bail. A lawyer can file a motion to try and reduce bail. If your husband is still in custody for a DUI, it may be something more seriouse- like an Aggravated DUI. Call someone who has defended approximately 1000 of these cases and tried numerous jury trials.

Bond companies typically charge 10% of the bond price and need collateral to cover the rest.

Aaron Black


If your husband cannot afford to hire an attorney, the court will appoint a public defender. The public defender can file a motion with the court to reduce bail. In posting bail through a bail bondsman, you must pay 10% of the bail amount as the fee to the bondsman (which they get to keep) and must give them collateral worth the full amount of the bail. They will hold onto the collateral until the case is over. As long as your husband shows up for all the court appearances, then the collateral will be returned.

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