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My husband wants to file an uncontested divorce in NY and i dont want it to be messy. I have no lawyer right now and i am scared

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that i will be be devoid of my rights because he has kept me in a bad situation right now. We are in an informal separation and he wants a divorce and will not file as he fears i will contest and things will get messy. I dont want a divorce in the first place because i want to reconcile but things are not turning out that way. I told him he can go ahead with the divorce and i wont contest it and want to keep it as amicable as possible but i would want to contest it if any of my rights are hampered. I want to know specifically if:
- Will he still have to serve me the papers in case of an uncontested divorce that i can contest later on visualizing that my rights are being hampered?;
- Will i be able to contest that divorce later on being served the papers? (if any). I dont want to sign if so

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You should sign nothing until you ate convinced you ate getting what you deserve. I suggest speaking to an attorney to discuss your rights and go over the options on how to proceed. Good luck.

I have been a criminal attorney in New York for almost 25 years. website: Phone #: 718-208-6094 email: This answer is only for informational purposes and is not meant as legal advice.


Mr. Schwartz is absolutely correct in his response of your question. You should consult with an experienced local family law attorney to better understand what you are entitled to upon exiting your marriage.


I strongly urge you to consult an attorney to at the very least discuss your rights. Do not sign anything until you do so!


Before you sign anything you should consult with an experienced divorce lawyer. If you sign the papers and your husband obtains a divorce any money or property in his name will be his. Any debt in your name will be yours. If you waive maintenance(alimony in NY) you will never be able to go back to court and ask for it. If you have children with your husband, any custody or support obligations will be affected by the papers he may try to have your sign.
Your situation is very common. Your husband may be taking advantage of you because he knows that you do not want a divorce, and he may think you would do anything to make him happy. Be very careful, just call and speak to an experienced attorney, many will speak to you briefly over the phone.


In a situation like yours, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney prior to signing anything. I'd recommend contacting a local divorce attorney to discuss your situation. I (like many other local attorneys) offer free consultations in divorces. Prior to signing anything, you should speak to a lawyer.

It is always advisable to contact an attorney. For a consultation, please contact my office at 516-669-3295. We are located in West Babylon, NY and proudly offer very low rates and free consultations. <a href="">Please visit us on the web.</a>

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