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My husband used me for green card

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I am a US Citizen. I married this for love. After I petition him and he recieved his conditional green card, his attitude and characted change and he went back to his homeland and stayed at his ex wife. He only used me so he can get his green card. I want to divorced him because he is only using me. Can he still process his permanent green card after i divorce him. What recourse I can do to have him deported.

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I am very sad to hear your story. Unfortunately many people try to cheat to get a greencard. If you believe he has done this to you, you can go ahead and let the USCIS know. Unfortunately if he gets a good lawyer and can prove his marriage was entered in good faith, he might be able to get his greencard. Read the article on our website about Love, Marriage and the Greencard!

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You can inform the USCIS about your circumstances. If the USCIS finds out that your husband committed fraud, he most likely be held accountable for the fraud and will be deported.


The agency to contact to report suspected immigration fraud is ICE You don't have the right to get your husband deported and generaly, contacting ICE is non-productive. Normally, you need more than a suspicion that the mariage was fraudulent. In other words, you need some sort of proof, like emails stating that he only used you for the greencard to really get any action out of immigration. If he only has a conditional card, then he needs to remove the conditions in order to remain in the US legally after your divorce. He may or may not be successful with that. It is unfortunate that this happened to you, but without some proof reports to ICE often some off a looking like a move to better one's position during a divorce or retaliation.

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