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My husband stole and sold my wedding ring. Can I ask to get this money back in our divorce?

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I want to file for divorce. My husband recently stole my wedding ring and sold it along with his own ring. I don't have money for a divorce, so I'm going to follow the advice given (which was very helpful) and do the whole summary dissolution thing.

Is there any way to get money from him for the ring he sold?

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A quick practical question, (which anyone should ask before "going to court" over anything): what will "going to court" over this get you?

When you leave the courthouse, if you've WON, all you've got is a court order that your ex pay you some money. You can't spend a court order, you can't eat it, and you can't give it to your landlord to pay rent. Realistically, if there's no practical cost-effective way to collect that judgment against your ex, then spending time, trouble and money getting it to begin with doesn't do you a lot of good. Does your ex have any money? Does he own property? Does he work at a place where you could get a wage garnishment?


I agree with Richard whole-heartedly. That said, and to answer your question, yes. You can ask the court to award you money damages for the value of the ring he stole and you will likely get it, assuming you jump through a lot of hoops. How much do you think the ring was worth (emotional value notwithstanding)? If that comes in at under $5,000, you probably shouldn't waste your time.


With respect to a Summary Dissolution, there are specific parameters that you must qualify for in addition to your husband agreeing to sign the same Summary Dissolution Petition. If he will not cooperate, you can't file for a Summary Dissolution. You would then have to file for a standard divorce. You may be able to get the value of the wedding ring.

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