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My husband said he that he is allowed to hit me under the North Carolina Marital Privilege. What is that?

Asheville, NC |
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It is an outright lie. He is in no way and under no circumstances allowed to hit you. If he does hit you, call the police immediately, then file a domestic violence restraining order (DVPO) against him. Finally, either leave the marital home or, if possible, kick your husband out and seek the assistance of a family law attorney. Do not let this man abuse you.

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Your husbands statement could not be further from the truth. As Attorney Amos pointed out, if he touches you in an unwanted manner again, immediately contact your local police department and file a claim. It may also be wise to contact a family law attorney to get an idea of what your other options are moving forward. Best of luck.

The above is not intended as legal advice. The response does not constitute the creation of an attorney-client relationship.


You should immediately consult a family law attorney in your area.


No, no, no. Call Helpmate - Asheville's crisis line for Battered Women - 828-254-0516. They are 24 hours a day. Call the police. Call a lawyer. If he is lying in order to hurt you, there is no telling what else he is lying about. Get help now.


It sounds as though your husband is seeking to use North Carolina law to justify his abusive behavior. On the other hand, Chapter 50B of the North Carolina General Statutes is designed to protect a wife who is being abused by her husband. Thus, you may be entitled to a domestic violence protective order against your husband.

Good Luck!

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