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My husband's inheritance money isn't included in our divorce negotiations/settlement , but can it play any legal role at all ?

Mishawaka, IN |
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You should consult with experienced legal counsel in your jurisdiction. It would likely depend upon a variety of factors including whether he had the inheritance at the time of the divorce but did not disclose it to the Court, whether you have been awarded alimony etc.


Is this divorce still pending? You have not signed anything yet, right? I disagree with the answer below because Indiana does not have alimony. Indiana is a state with a rebuttable presumption of a 50/50 split of marital assets. If the inheritance was during the marriage, and prior to the dissolution filing, it is considered a marital asset with some caveats. Because it is inheritance, he can ask for a deviation from the 50/50 split. The court will look to other factors, such as thr length of the marriage. You should consult an experienced divorce attorney practicing in Indiana, especially before you sign.anything. Best wishes to you.

No attorney client relationship has been established by this response. This information is based only on the facts and details provided in the question and is more of a general explanation or citation to the applicable law, or portions of the applicable law concerning your case. You should still contact a lawyer to review your case in detail, as well as any and all legal documents in your case, and to obtain specific advice based on your situation. You should not post private information in your question. I am only licensed to practice in Indiana and any information I post that involves another state should not be construed as practicing law in that state. Please be advised that if you would like to formally retain me, or our law firm, you must sign a formal retention agreement and adhere to the terms of representation in order for an attorney/client relationship to be formed between us. Please be sure to rate the best answer, or mark your answer as helpful, if you believe the information posted was helpful to you.


Consult an experienced attorney immediately. Depending on exactly the who what when where and why of the inheritance it may make a difference.

Note that this answer is NOT a substitute for legal advice, nor does it create an attorney client relationship. Please consult with an attorney.

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