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My husband received a marshal's notice of execution against property. can property I own be seized?

New York, NY |

My husband defaulted on a school loan made before we married. He hasn't worked for the last three years; I support us both. Aside from the musical instruments he owns the property in the apartment all belongs to me. Can the marhsal seize my property? Would I have to have receipts to prove I own everything here?

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The Marshall can not seize your property. Furthermore, the following personal property of your husband is exempt from application to the satisfaction of a money judgment : stoves and necessary fuel therefor for sixty days; one sewing machine; the family bible, family pictures, and school books and other books, not exceeding fifty dollars in value; a seat or pew in a place of public worship; domestic animals with the necessary food for those animals for sixty days not exceed four hundred fifty dollars in value; all necessary food for the use of the debtor or his family for sixty days; all wearing apparel, household furniture, one mechanical, gas or electric refrigerator, one radio receiver, one television set, crockery, tableware and cooking utensils : a wedding ring; a watch not exceeding thirty-five dollars in value; and necessary working tools and implements not exceeding six hundred dollars in value. This is not a substitute for legal advice.