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My husband of 15 years has suddenly decided that he wants to buy property in his name alone we don't own any property till.

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my husband of 15 years has suddenly decided that he wants to buy property in his name alone we don't own any property till now we were buying our home prior to dec,2012 together said he wants to have control of the house, so he wants to buy a property from his pay check alone and i have no name on the deeds of the house i am free to live there with out children but the house will be in his name only we live in california we don't have joint accounts but all the savings and money we have has been accumulated right after our marriage so there is no clear separtion of finances what are my options? should i sign off on the property and give up my rights? if i do that what does that do to our marriage and our other finances, like 401k and ira's? we are not divorced and my husband decided to move near his work place and rent a room due to 2 hour commute he said he will visit us on weekends this was after i refused to forfeit any property rights

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You may want to have a face to face consultation with an experienced family law attorney in your local area to go over your facts. It is not clear from the facts you have given us what is happening and what you may want to do to protect yourself. Do you want a divorce? Do you not want a divorce? What is happening with your husband? is he having an affair? Living with someone else during the week? A lot of unanswered questions that you need to discuss in person with someone who may be able to give you appropriate advice. Good luck.

Michael Schwerin, San Jose, California phone: 408-295-4232 email: Consultation fees, rates and retainers vary based on need and ability to pay.


You asked your question under the "Divorce" category, so I will assume that you are questioning a divorce. As Mr. Schwerin explained, you may want to discuss your situation with a local attorney to help you understand both the process of a divorce, and your financial situation after the divorce. If you would like to discuss your concerns in greater depth, feel free to contact me at my office: (310) 855-3386.


I agree with my colleagues .It sounds like a divorce . You know you husband better than anybody else. You live with him for 15 years.Why after 15 years want his own house and puts terms for the use of it.? What is the source of the money that he will use to buy a house of his own?
You said his pay check. In California the pay check is community property thus is your check too.
If you agree you loose your 1/2 of the paycheck and your rights.
Obviously the man tries to get out the marriage easy fast and without sharing anything with you.
I remind you you have rights even if you did not work during those 15 years.
You need consultation with an attorney before you talk or sign anything for your husband.

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