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My husband loaned a vehicle to our daughter, and her husband drove it, without our permission and was arrested, car seized

Oklahoma City, OK |

as a result of having marijuana in the vehicle, along with the cash($7500) which we had loaned them to purchase a vehicle before the baby was born.. We had loaned them the vehicle, because my daughter was pregnant, but the state has had the car for over a year now, and are now trying to "forfeit" it, and the money claiming that it was used in the commission of a drug deal, due to it's proximity to a "roach" in the car.. what can we do to get our car back??

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You need to contest the forfeiture. As owner of the car, you should receive notice of the forfieture action and be given a set time te respond by. As far as the money, you will proabably not get notice of that but you cfan intervene and claim ownership. This is a little complicated and you should retain counsel for this.

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