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My husband left signed divorced papers n moved out of state with his mistress while I was away at a best friend funeral.

Orlando, FL |

we have no kids or properties together married for six years, no outstanding bills in our name that I'm aware of, however I'm on his bank account how do I proceed I want nothing from him nor do I ever wanna see d coward bastard EVER! again he's requested nothing from Me. I don't have the money for a lawyer how do I go about filing it by Myself

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You may want to seek help from a free legal society put on by the local bar association.

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Call your local Legal Aid office. if you do not qualify for their services, they should be able to point you toward other resources in your area. Do not stick your head in the sand or think there is ample time, especially if what you refer to as signed papers are already filed at the court and a response time is ticking down.


Take the papers that he left and visit a local attorney - most offer free consultations. That's where you're going to get the best advice as to how to proceed from here. Good luck!

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