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My husband keeps threatening me to take kids away from me and calling police on me to win an argument.

East Brunswick, NJ |

he knows the more times he calls police on me they will take me away. I am on dependent status so he knows i can not get a job also. he is abusing the legal system to win an argument. Every time police came they do not listen other than only him since he called the police. how can I protect my self and my kids from this abuse. If I disagree with something with the best interest of kids he says he will call the police on me. I feel like he is taking advantage of my silence and waiting for his anger to calm down. I am afraid it is effects me getting a job and having false complaints about me and on me. police tell him to work out things and leave. what will happen to me if he keeps on calling police on me? He also knows that I won't call police on him no matter what he does.

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Here's the problem - your post is YOUR description of what is going on. I'm certain that his version is very different. He'll say that he calls the police precisely to avoid conflict with you, personally, and because he is trying to protect the kids. I don't know which of you is correct, but, frankly, calling the cops is precisely what he is supposed to do IF he believes a threat exists. Now, if he is abusing that system, that will certainly come to light in any custody proceeding - multiple calls to the cops without any findings of anything wrong will make him look bad. But, there isn't anything you can do now about it.

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