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My husband just transferred havent heard from him yet..processing still...he violated probation n parole not sure how much time?

Philadelphia, PA |

got out in dec. retail theift with parole 2 yrs and probation 2 yrs and then left the state and voilated it he just transferred lastnight back to Montgomery county how much time he will get ?

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It would be impossible to answer the question without having a lot more facts about the charges, his prior record and his original sentence. Obviously he needs a criminal defense attorney to help him mitigate the outcome.


There are several factors to consider in resentencing. You have not provided sufficient information to allow attorneys to comment on a sentence with insight.


Difficult to say. One big issue is whether he had 11 1/2 to 23 (which you may be referring to as 2 years or if he had an actual 2 year sentence, which then bumps it up to a state sentence. He definitely would be required to serve any back time. He would not be able to be re-sentenced on a parole violation and therefore he would only serve the parole back time. However, because he has the probation tail, that can be revoked and create a much more complicated situation. He could be re-sentenced to a new sentence on the probation violation. That's the true danger.

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attorneys need more information to answer this as stated. is this state parole or a county sentence? how serious are his new charges-did he commit another retail or kill someone? it is always possible that he may be sentenced by the parole/probation judge to the balance of his sentence.

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