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My husband is out on bail pending arraignment. Is he allowed to cross international borders?

Imperial, CA |

Charge is receiving stolen property. He did not have a bail hearing and was not ordered to surrender his drivers license or passport nor was he told he could not cross state lines or international borders.
We live close to Mexico and he needs to see a dentist in Mexico.

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Check with the bail company.. They may have certain restrictions as part of the bail.. since you have not been arraigned or been to court, there would be no court order. Call your bail company!


It's between him and his bail bondsmen. I hope the money he's saving in hiring a dentist in Mexico will be spent on an attorney in California. Good luck


I agree with the other attorneys. Check with the bail bondsman. But, in general, it's always best not to do anything a prosecutor might be able to use to make it look like you are guilty (like going to another country). Can't your husband see a Dentist on this side of the border?

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