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My husband is on Pennsylvania State Parole. My parents called his parole officer and said he set a fire in our home and was

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beating on me. Everything that he was told was incorrect. He was not beating on me and did not set a fire. He accidentally knocked a candle down onto floor. I had told his parole officer what had happened, but he didn't want to hear what I had to say. He arrested my husband on a parole violation destructive behavior, domestic violence, etc. which was definitely wrong because it wasn't like that. My husband needs his home plan, but his parole denied it right away and said that he cannot live with me! Is this legal? I told him that there was no abuse or anything like that! Can PA state parole keep a married couple from living together? Also I have no criminal background at all what so ever.

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They likely can keep all kinds of people together. Parole keeps felons, drug users and all kinds of people apart if they interfere with the goals of the parole. The fact that your parents doesn't end the inquiry. Parole still has to investigate and determine the facts. You and your husband may not have a lot of credibility with the parole agent. Not sure, but the simple answer is yes, they can.


The state parole board has a lot of authority and can essentially do as it pleases. Parole is a gift and they can strip it away for many reasons. I am not familiar enough with the facts of the case, but it is actually more common for a victim of domestic abuse to take back their story or say it never happened than to testify against their spouse/partner. This is likely why the parole officer dismissed your version.

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You may want to consider retaking a criminal defense attorney for your husband. Good luck.

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