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My husband is cheating on me. Can I get alimony if we divorce?

San Diego, CA |

We're still married (27 years) and my husband has been cheating on me. Now he's planning to marry his girlfriend.

If he decides to divorce me, is he able to marry right away and be legal?

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As to being able to remarry. It normally takes 6 months from the date of service to the minimum time someone can get remarried if divorcing in California.

As to support - depends on your respective income levels, ability to earn etc. Assuming you've been a stay at home mom for 27 years and he has been the breadwinner, then most likely you'll get support.

If support is in the context of punishment for cheating, the cheating has no bearing on whether you get support.

Good luck with your situation and remember the above is general information and not specific advice regarding your case.

Matthew Williamson