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My husband is being sued in a civil lawsuit for a car accident. Can a used vehicle in my name be taken? We live in PA.

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Our insurance took care of the other person's car but now, she is claiming injury (sprains and bruises) loss of work / income physical pain, mental anguish and humiliation and is sueing him for $25,000. I am disabled, my husband is employed but we also have 4 children and are under the federal poverty level. Obviously we can't afford $25,000. We don't own any assetts, no bank account, we rent our home. Our only transportation is a used mini van which is in my name. Can it be seized through this lawsuit?

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Your insurance company will defend the lawsuit.

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Your insurance should pay all of the damages. Your car should be safe.


Your insurance company will probably provide a lawyer for you. Normally your insurance company will provide a defense and pay for the other party's damages if you are found liable. In the unlikely event that your insurance coverage is inadequate, the injured party may look to the personal assets of the at-fault party, but it is rare for there to be any extraordinary assets available for recovery. If you have a car which is your separate property, it may not be subject to attachment for your husband's debt. You may want to speak with your attorney about that.

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