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My husband is being charged with posession of a controlled substance and sell. Are there any pro bono defense attorneys?

Concord, CA |

Is it customary for the defense to enter a "suppression motion"? This attorney only is speaking of taking a "deal" and has not filed any motions or made any moves to "defend" my husband.

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There are many, many pro bono criminal defense attorneys. They are called public defenders. When your husband goes to court, the judge will ask if he can afford to hire a lawyer. If the answer is no, then the judge will appoint the public defender to represent him. The public defender will review the case, will any motions that are appropriate, negotiate a settlement (if that's what your husband wants) and defend him all the way through trial if necessary.


I believe my colleague overlooked the fact that your husband already has an attorney whom you don't like. This business is your husband's business not yours. Whether or not a suppression motion should be filed varies on a case by case basis.



I dont have a personal opinion of the man. I am only a wife trying to get information that could help my husband. This is his business however I am sure if you were in my shoes you would understand that I only wish to help him not form a thought of the attorney. I only wish that he can be reprensented properly.


There may or may not be a basis for a motion to suppress. Attorney is not obligated to file a motion just because the defendant of acquaintance of the defendant thinks it should be filed.

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