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My husband is being charged with 4 counts of robbery. could his bi-polar disability help him in court in any way?

Memphis, TN |

he has been diagnosed with bi-polar, he has been placed on suicide watch while in prison because of his bi-polar disorder, and he also has to officers willing to write statements saying that he's not in his right frame of mind. how could this help him in court?

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Serious mental disorders can affect a person's culpability for a particular criminal offense by affecting that person's mental state at the time of the alleged commission of the offense. Additionally, a person's mental disorders can be severe enough that the person can be deemed incompetent to stand trial. In either instance, it is likely that a mental health expert would need to evaluate your husband to make such a determination. However, your husband should consult his attorney with the specific details of his case as well as his mental health issues and ask the attorney's advice about how to proceed.


Mr. Bell is correct in his answer. Keep in mind that if you don't hire an expert to give testimony of his "frame of mind" then you really don't have much concrete proof of his illness. While it may be obvious to you and the people around him, it may not rise to the level that a judge could agree with under the law. To protect your husband you need to contact an attorney who knows his way around mental health and how it works with criminal charges. Good Luck!

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