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My husband is being acuused of injury to a child How much time can they give him? what can we do to proof his inconnet?

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That wensday night my husband and i i were aruging and i went outside to cool off and i can back home after 15 mins and the little girl thats my next door niegbor followed me inside my house and i started to play by hands with my husband and then she payed to so he grabbed by the neck and i guess she got scared and called the police and they arrested him and now she comes to my house saying shes sorry and what can she do to help him but she didnt have any brusies or marks on her body at the time or now and the mom didnt press charges just the police and his an immgrant and what can happen at this point they reset his case for two months he wants to marry me to see if they dont deport him we have three children what actions can we take

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Your husband needs to hire an criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible. Your attorney can help craft a defense and plea down his sentence. Good luck.

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I don't understand what you are saying... "i started to play by hands with my husband and then she payed to so he grabbed by the neck and i guess she got scared and called the police and they arrested him" doesn't make sense. Perhaps you mispelled some words?

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You need to consult with an attorney. You have multiple complex issues here that really need to be addressed carefully. It is not clear if they are pursing a civil claim, or criminal charges or potentially both. Once you determine if it is civil or criminal, find a defense attorney in your area. You may also need an immigration attorney in light of your boyfriend/husband's immigration status.

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Yes, you need to hire a criminal law attorney and most likely an immigration attorney. Even if the charges are dropped, your boyfriend can be deported.

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You will need to get a criminal defense attorney hired ASAP. I don't really understand your issue completely.

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The question is unclear. If your husband was charged, a local criminal lawyer should be retained.

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