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My husband is a US citizen under 21 and im an illegal immigrant because my tourist visa expired, does he need a sponsor?

Tampa, FL |

He is under 21 and he works and goes to college, I want to know if he needs a sponsor or he can do everything my himself so I can get my legal residency. I need an answer. Thank you.

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He should be able to sponsor your petition as an immediate relative of a US citizen and your adjustment of status. You will need to prove that your marriage is bone fide and that you did not intend to remain in the US permanently when you entered on your tourist visa. With the help of a skilled attorney that should not be a problem. As a student, the main hand up can be his ability to sponsor you. He has to meet the minimum income level (which for a family of 2 is about $18,000 Adjusted Gross Income). As a student, he may not hit that level. If he doesn't make that much then he will probably need a co-sponsor (like his parents) to sign an affidavit of support as well.


He will need a joint sponsor, where he does not earn a sufficient annual income as determined by the D.H.S. and Health and Human Services. there may be other reasons that can create disqualification. For more information, go to However, it is always in your best interest to seek an appointment with an unbiased and experienced immigration attorney.

The above is general information and does not create an attorney client relationship.

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