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My husband is a safety director at a huge company. He has been forced to cover up safety issues that have sent people to the ER.

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He has been treated horribly by his boss and has been forced to cover up issues that are of serious health issues for up to 600 employees . this has caused him so much emotional stress that he is currently taking medicine for. He worried is worried for these people 24/7 and cannot sleep because he has been woken up so many times to this problem. He wants to leave but cannot financially. Can anyone help us figure out where to go from here?

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He can contact the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on a confidential basis and hope that this leads to inspection and enforcement to the benefit of the workers. The main number for complaints is 1-800-321-OSHA (6742). OSHA has a regional office in Andover, (978) 837-4460.
If your husband wants to brainstorm alternative scenarios that would result in his no longer being employed there, he should talk to an employment lawyer. You can find a referral through the Mass. Employment Lawyers Association,

Massachusetts Coalition For Occupational Safety And Health
1532B Dorchester Avenue | Dorchester, MA 02122 | (617) 825-SAFE (7233] |

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I agree with Ms. Roher. Follow her advise.

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