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My husband invested in a wind turbine co. that took our savings and disappeared. is there anyway to find this co. & get it back

Carson City, NV |

a year ago my husband gave a wind turbine (supposedly) co. that was supposed to be starting up and then disappeared with all our savings, over $30,000. Is there anyway to find this co. and get our money back or is he stupid for falling for such a scam and our savings are gone?

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First, look at the offering documents you were provided and see if there is a disclosure about the use of the proceeds. Second, review the risk disclosures (if any). Third, see if there's an arbitration clause and/or choice of law clause in your partnership agreement or operating agreement. Assuming that the money was not spent on anything related to the wind turbine, you have numerous claims. The question is how collectable are they? Did someone "broker" this deal and receive a commission?

Many questions to ask, but just going through these basic ones should help get you started. The other step of course is to contact your securities regulator in Nevada:

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