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My husband has two children currently living with mother in WA and we are going to mediate a 50/50 custody if we move ....

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The 50/50 would be agreed upon if we moved our residence to WA, we are in OR now. The parenting plan is filed in WA, the Child Support is collected through OR. If we move to WA and my husband continues working in OR what state would continue to collect? The calculator in WA doesn't give us a parenting credit of 50/50 and our support shoots way up. The one for OR does and reduces the payments. We want time with his kids but don't know what to do if it creates a financial hardship.

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You pose some very good questions, and they are very personal, if you move and you use the state you move into to collect your child support they will collect it for you, be careful becasue sometimes it takes a bit of time to get it right and you are dealing wtih the states. Please work with a local attny.

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You should pose these questions to a family law attorney in Washington (in the county where the mother and the children live). Child support is being collected in Oregon because your husband lives here, but it does not sound like there's any reason for an Oregon court to have jurisdiction over, custody, parenting time, or child support. Any modification in custody, parenting time, or support would have to take place in Washington's courts. Also, support would be calculated according to Washington's rules.

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