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My husband has a really bad temper, i am worried about the safety of my kids can i get custody so they're never alone with him?

Rochester, NY |

punches stuff around the house when he gets mad or when the girls wake him up. he gets fustrated with them really fast and starts swearing. i cant even go get food for the house im so afaid of leaving him with the kids its even gottin to the point where i try to go as long as possible inbetween showers. i even felt the need to ask him if he would ever shake our 1 month old baby. im terrified for my kids i really feel that if they are left alone with him that something will happen. he plays with our 19 month old so rough he leaves bruses on her ribs he has pushed me up against the couch so the corner was choking me and hit me in the back of the head and took my phone so i couldnt get help and punch a hole in a door. we are safe at my parents house and i want to make sure they stay safe

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It should be very possible. Speak to the local bar association for a referral to an attorney or agency that aids in these matters.

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It may be possible that criminal charges are in order. In the alternative you should go to court to file family offense and custody petitions. The clerk in family court should help you with the process which should include granting orders of protection. Good luck.

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If the 2 of your are seperated then you can indeed file for custody. You can also file for an order of protection on behalf of yourself and the children. You need to speak to a family law attorney to see what else can be done.

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