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My husband has a mental illnes and has started a collaborative divorce. He is controlling and hired most expensive attorney

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He talked me into this. Now, as the process has gone on it appears so neutral that it might not be the best option. IE: if he had a psych evaluation the truth would come out, where as these meetings with all these professionals (mental health, accounting, child psychologist)are getting expensive and time consuming. his attorney selected a counselor for my teen daughter who was part of a collaborative team. without my knowledge my attorney called this counselor and then charged me for the consult I didnt know he had.

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This appears to be the same question, so what is your question? If you are involved in the collaborative process, that is by choice. If you desire to exit the process, inform your attorney. If s/he will not do as you desire, disengage and hire another attorney and use the adversarial process, requesting discovery concerning your husband's medical records so as to potentially use in court to demonstrate why it is in the minor's best interests you be awarded custody and placement. Though realize, no divorce situation is one side's fault and/or problem. There must be give and take and acceptance of partial responsibility, even during a collaborative resolution process. Anyway, the collaborative process is generally far less expensive than litigation, and incorporates the notion cooperation allows the parties to reach a 'better' "YES" than litigating and forcing a settlement through the threat of judicial decisions. Please seek advise and consultation from a family law specialist, even a new attorney if you are uncomfortable with your existing attorney. Good luck.


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Attorney Bock is correct. If you are unhappy with the process, then end it. You don't have to engage in this collaborative process. If you are unhappy with your attorney, fire him or her and obtain new counsel. You really haven't posed a question.

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