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My husband has a Dui and currently has 5 classes left. Can he transfer case to San Antonio Texas or best to finish in California

Lancaster, CA |
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He can petition the court to allow him to complete his classes in Texas. However, this has a few challenges. One, the DMV will not automatically accept an out of state class to satisfy his class requirement to them. If he wants to ever return to California and have a valid license he will have to make sure that DMV is ok with what he has done or he will be forced to take the class again. Which class is it? If it is the AB541 then five more classes means five more weeks so best to complete it here. If it is the SB38 five more classes could mean a longer period because they typically stretch those classes out more toward the end. It can be done, but the easiest thing is to complete it here since it sounds like he is almost done. Need a bit more information to be more specific. You should consult with an experienced DUI attorney. Good luck.

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DMV issues will be significantly easier to resolve if he just completes the 5 classes in CA. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


I agree that it is just so much more certain and may be faster to power through the remaining 5 classes and finish up here.

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