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My husband has a daughter from previous marriage, they divorce in nj. His daughter is 33 weeks pregnant, can he emancipate her.

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Giving birth does not automatically emancipate a child in New Jersey. However, I believe she would have to represent that she is financially independent to apply for public assistance. If the daughter is over age 18, I'd contact your probation worker and ask them to schedule an emancipation hearing.

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As indicated by Mr. Davis, if she is receiving such government benefits she could likel be deemed emanciapted. You should contact Probation immediately.

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It depends if the daughter is "beyond the sphere of influence" from her parents. Although in many states, 18 is the majority age for emancipation, NJ does not have such a law. The fact that she is pregnant would not a determining factor unless she is support by a boyfriend, in fact married, or is well beyond the college age and has no intention of going to and/or finishing school. I agree with the attorneys above that a decrease in support may be warranted is she is receiving some government benefits, however, contacting probation is probably your best bet at this time.

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