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My husband had an incident with my neighbor.He knocked her door strongly . Can she get a restrainer order against to him?

San Clemente, CA |

We were back to the LA the day after Halloween. She was texting me trying to get some legal marihuana from my husband who has license and is a medical patient for his Anxiety Disorder. I said in messages sorry but we can not do that. and my husband felt she was bothering us and then when I was in my job he tried to get an explanation from her and say don't bother us with that kind of questions through my balcony. She never listed and my husband was upset and knocked her door strongly. she claim she is scared about him and she blames my husband to scratch her car and talk in a bad way . The police was called next day they couldnt find a witness about the car .she told our landlord she is paying 500 to get a restrainer order against to my husband and we can lose our home. can she do that?

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Courts can issue protective orders when there is a reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm. It seems unlikely that those circumstances would result in the loss of a home.

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Can she really get restrainer order paying in civil law just for that? can we do something against to her? I don't know if she was trying to do was so illegal or it seems she is trying to appears as a victim in front of everyone


Any one can try and get a restraining order against someone. The more important question is will she will be successful? The answer is impossible to say, but if your description of the facts is accurate, it would be highly unlikely for a judge to issue a restraining order.
Your husband will need to respond to any papers that are served.