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My husband had an affair in 2010. I need to know how to file a restraining or stalking order against the other woman.

Trussville, AL |

He ended the affair in March of 2011 and she has made it her business to terrorize my family ever since. We have had to move because she and her friend have come to my home and argued with my daughters and myself. She has called family members, she make fake profiles and attempts to befriend me and my children on facebook. She is clearly unstable. I feel it's just a matter of time before she finds our new address. I want her stopped before something bad happens. My husband has talked to her and she says she is not ready for it to be over. He has also been called and stalked. We have had to change all home and cell numbers in an attempt to get this woman out of our lives. What should be our actions legally?

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If you are being harassed, you can file a police report. I would suggest you consult a local domestic attorney to discuss your options.