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My husband got my car impounded for driving with suspended license and talking on the phone. I was not with him & I own the car.

Mountain View, CA |

I called the Police Department & they said they can't help me b/c it's impounded for 30 days. The officer that pulled my husband over was being a complete jerk & I believe b/c my husband recently beat a him in a case, so i feel that officer wants to get him back. The first officer didn't search him nor the car until the 2nd officer came.. Since I wasn't there, is there anyway possible to even get my car back before 30 days? They're killing me with these fees. Tow truck fee is $280 & he only towed it a few feet away!

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Attorney answers 2


One other thing you need to consider about fees: they'll probably charge a per day fee to store your car on top of the $280 for tow. You'll need to deal with this promptly (of course you want your car back, too).



Thank you! Yes, they charge $60 a day plus their towing fee. Not to mention the police release forms are $100. Sheesh!


If you are the registered owner and you have a valid license, you can go to the appropriate location and request release of the vehicle. Bring proof.