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My husband got arrested with 2 bench warrents from 2006 & 2007 also has a case from 2002

Philadelphia, PA |

background my husband was a heavy drug user when he got all his cases long rap sheet in 02 THEFT BY RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY, UNAUTH USE AUTO AND OTHER VEHICLES, CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, in 06Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg for this he got probation for 12-24 months did not report also in 07 Theft By Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop, Receiving Stolen Property, Poss Instrument Of Crime W/Int, Unauth Use Motor/Other Vehicles now on May 29,13 got stopped for running a red light was incarcerated for 2 warrents warrents were lifted but has 2 detainers holding him has changed his life around 5 1/2 years clean& sober, mentors youth helps at a food bank got married, business license totally different person got court on july 22nd&24th what's the best and worst case scenario for these charges?

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The best thing you can do for your husband is to immediately retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. The attorney will visit with your husband, become familiar with the cases and have him released from prison as soon as possible. Most firms, like ours, provide a free consult.


The outcome of the two cases in which there was probation violations will be determined by the judge considering several facts. That he is doing well is impressive, but he still needs to answer to the violations at his Gagnon Hearing. He could get time-served, further probation or a new sentence for jail time. Hire counsel immediately or have the public defenders represent him. He will need counsel.


I agree with my colleagues. Your husband needs an experienced criminal attorney. If you cannot afford to hire one, he should apply to the public defender's office. Do not attempt to do this on your own. Good luck!


Your husband has a lot going for him, but the PO is just going to treat him as another name on a folder unless his case is presented to the PO effectively. He will get a more favorable review by the PO and the court. He shouldn't go it alone.



thank you went to court for the 06and 07 cases they were put together in front of one judge here's the update the DA had dropped the feloney3 charges so my husband only pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor at first he got 9months in with immediate parole and 12 months probation after hearing our pastor speak on his behalf he only gave him 12 months probation very happy with the outcome however he is till in custody has one more detainer from 02 case the lawyer said he doesn't see this lawyer giving him any time still praying and keeping my fingers crossed