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My husband got arrested for DWI and Evaiding Arrest he has ICE Hold on his case.

Houston, TX |

What are his chances of getting out ? We been married for 2 years we have a 9 month old & im a US Citizen he talked to the judge and his paying with jail time so hes getting out tomorrow which is friday but ICE has a hold on is case what are his chances of coming out ? what can i do ? He was also serving probation in another county.

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I see many issues with this case and I cannot fully understand your question because there is not enough inofmration provided. However, you husband needs to hire two attorneys. First, you husband needs to retain an immigration attorney. This will help him in his fight to stay in this country. Second, your husband needs to hire a criminal attorney. As a former prosecturo with the Harris County District Attorney's Office for over six years, I can tell you that your husband is in trouble. A criminal attorney will help him fight the DWI and Evading Arrest. Since he picked up these new law violations his probation in the other county may be revoked because of these new law violations. Therefore, in addition to hiring an immigration attorney, he needs to hire an experienced criminal attorney to meet the new charges head on to better assist his chances of staying in this country. Most attorneys, including myself, offer free consultations. Good luck.

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You will need to consult an immigration attorney to discuss your husband's possibility if avoiding deportation. I've moved your question to the immigration area.


More information is needed in order to determine what can be done for your husband's case. I would recommend getting a copy of the arrest report and the court disposition and taking them to an immigration attorney office for review. It is unclear at this point whether he will be eligible for an immigration bond, or if he will have any relief in court. This is not legal advice as many facts are still unknown, and an attorney-client relationship has not been created.


Your husband needs to hire two attorneys. First, a Criminal defense attorney. It sounds like he was on probation and was arrested on 2 new law violations. He is in trouble because the Court that placed him on probation will want to revoke his probation he need a criminal defense lawyer to fight these criminal cases. Second your husband needs to retain an immigration attorney.

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