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My husband got a public urination ticket om March ,12 after he was drunken at the party. The ticket says he has to appear on

Flushing, NY |

may. 23rd but at the backside of ticket also says about if he plead guilty and pay the fifne which is $50, he doesn't need to appear the court so he did that. However, he couldn't hear anything about his case. His check is stil not cleared yet till now. He has a copy if his check for fine and ticket. In this case, what should he do? Does he has to court and explain or he has to wait until he is told.

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This query is the perfect example of why one should always hire counsel for a ticket. Now you don't know what to do. It's not too late to retain counsel.


Contact the court to confirm that he timely answered the ticket and they accepted the fine, then request written confirmation if it hasn't been mailed yet.

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As attorney Caviglia suggests, contact the court.

Hold on to your written proof, you may need it if something is lost or misplaced by the court!

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