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My husband filed bankruptcy I did not. He lied saying I am the one supporting him

Phoenixville, PA |

My husband filed bankruptcy I did not. He lied saying I am the one supporting him when he truly is the sole breadwinner. I want to file for divorce how will this affect? Are the odds low that I will be granted any alimony or spousal support given the fact he claimed in bankruptcy I am financially supporting him.

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The facts are the facts. What he puts on a bankruptcy filing will likely be quite different from what can be proven in court. You should sit down with a divorce lawyer to discuss your entire situation and all of your rights and options to come up with a comprehensive strategy on moving forward.


I would suggest that you meet with an attorney who is experienced in family and bankruptcy law as these issues intertwine when one of the parties has filed for bankruptcy protection. You may not be able to file for divorce until the bankruptcy has been discharged, so you are going to have to know your rights and options before making any decisions.

My response is based solely on the limited information contained in the question. It is not meant to substitute your attorney's advice.


The divorce court should do it's own findings of fact on your financial situation and not depend entirely on the findings or pleadings from your husband's bankruptcy. His filing may even benefit you. I'd suggest finding a divorce lawyer with bankruptcy experience to help you in this matter.

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