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My husband failed his ua for marijuana n September. They gave him 45 extra duty and an article15,

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He's a watercraft engineer, they didn't take away less pay though b/c his sargent and commander spoke up for him that it should be waivered. Also he just got done with his extra duty and they processed the chapter papers. Nothing is set in stone b/c the top guy decides if he wants them to process the papers through or keep him!! He's only been in for about 8 month his first offense, do you think he has a fighting chance? we just finally got our life together and would be very devastating if he was let go...

Oh he's in the us army

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Under current rules it is mandatory for him to be processed for separation based on drug abuse.

However, the separation authority can decide to give him one last chance and remain. That's going to be hard to do in today's environment. The Army is down-sizing, that means they are taking every opportunity to kick people out.

He should speak to the defense lawyers at TDS about this ASAP.


Concur with Attorney Cave.

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