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My husband beat me up with a belt and i tell the polce he chase me with knive and that wasn't the truth i was mad that he cheat

Minneapolis, MN |

then now i want tell the truth we are not together any more and at the time my five month old son was sleep the house and i call the police now child protection was involve and now i cant lie i don't want be like him evil iam not evil.

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Although I do not practice in your state, in most states, lying to the police is, at a minimum, a misdemeanor. On the other hand, you don't want your husband to "walk away" from this b/c the lie comes out at trial.

I strongly suggest you consult with a competent criminal defense attorney who can help you straighten this situation out, without it resulting in a charge against you for "false reporting" or some other crime.

The attorney should also be able to intervene for you with CPS, to see to it that the "record" is corrected.

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