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My husband asked me to marry him 4 months ago.i love him but he up and left after only 3months and 3 weeks. he is now in a relat

Fairfield, IL |

relationship with someone else and we havent even filed yet. is there anything i can get from him

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It is not at al likely that you will receive anything from such a very short marriage.

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Yes, a divorce.
Unless there is more to your story than this, you don't appear to have any assets in common. You have been married too briefly to accumulate any interest in anything that he has.

If there is more to this, consult with an attorney in person. If not be grateful that you didn't spend too much time with him before finding him out.


What you should take from him is a divorce. Hire an attorney and file ASAP. You may love him but your husband is a complete loser. You are lucky you learned this early on in your marriage.