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My husband and I were victims in a car accident and now we are being sued by another victim from another car?

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Back in Oct 2008 my husband went down to NJ for our nephews' funeral. He had been killed in a car accident the week before. I was unable to attend. He brought his sister and a neice and nephew into NY city to get them away from the whole thing for a while. While going over the GWB (towards NY) car #1 cut off car #2 who then spun and slammed into us (car #3).We did nothing wrong. Apparently there was a child in car #2. Now the parent of this child is suing myself and hubby for unknown amount of money. The bad part is about a week after the accident I get a letter stating that we were not insured because a payment got lost in the mail and we had 30 days to reinsure or we become unregistered. So now I have no insurance CO. to fight this and I have no way to go to NY to answer this.

We live in Massachusetts. I have no assetts , I'm disabled still awaiting SSDI. The stress of this has just made my condition worse. I got these court papers in September of 2009. I know it's too late to really do anything but I was still hoping something could be done to minimize this.

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You should at least seek a consultation with an NY attorney so you know what your options are. Don't ignore the case. Good luck.

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You need to notify your own car insurance company if you have not already. Be sure to keep records of everything, medical bills (in the event of injuries), out of pocket expenses, etc.


You should contact a New York personal injury attorney immediately so that you can make an educated decision on this important matter. Failure to submit an answer in response to a lawsuit can have horrible ramifications. The fact that you were uninsured on the date of the accident is bad, but all is not lost. Most attorneys do not like to pursue cases where there is no insurance coverage. However, if you own a home, an attorney may pursue the case and attempt to file a lien thereon.
Feel free to call me if you'd like to discuss this in greater depth.


Even though you live in Massachusetts, you need to speak to an attorney licensed in New York to consult about your options. New York law is very different from Massachusetts when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. Good luck