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My husband and I live in my mother's house and have been for over seven years taking care of her. She recently passed away and

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the house is up for sale. It was set for a quick sale, but we recently found out that we can buy it ourselves through people that would like to invest in the house. My sister is executor of the will and refuses to let my husband and I buy the house. I want to know if there is any way to stop her from selling it to one of the people who have put in an offer. She wants the house sold asap and we won't have the money for at the very least two months. Do we any legal leg to stand on?

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I am sorry to hear of your recent loss and it certainly doesn't help to have the PR acting like this. The way to be considered as the buyer of the house is to put in a higher offer. If the house is in probate, the PR likely has non intervention powers and can do whatever she wants. This is a good reason to have a consult with a local probate attorney, see if there is any point in a Tedra petition or even just a letter to the PR asking what the hurry is. Please be VERY careful of private real estate investors, these contracts always end in tears for the buyer.

Elizabeth Powell

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