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My husband and I have lived in house that we own for 12 yrs. I left two yrs. ago. I want to move back in, but he doesn't want me

Santa Fe, NM |

Do I have a legal right to live there?

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Is the house also in your name? One way to resolve the issue is file for divorce and have the court divide up the property, the house may be ordered sold, but perhaps there is enough equity in it to allow you to buy another, assuming it is marital property to begin with.

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Howard M Lewis

Howard M Lewis


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I am sorry that you are going through this. The question is really one of practice versus theory, theoreticaly you are still married and may move back in, practically, how would you do it. If your name is on the title, you have a legal action and can explain your desire, if not, then you must file for a divorce and use the courts. take care, please use a local attny.

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This is not a simple yes or no question. There are many factors to be considered, including whether divorce proceedings gave been initiated, how title is held, etc. I suggest you consult with local counsel who can advise you as to your rights and procedural options.

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