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My husband and I are Taiwanese. My husband is applying for American Green Card. He said he will stay in America.

Miami, FL |

He will abandon me and my child. Can I stop his Green card application? Can he marry again in America? Can I sue him in American
courts for alimony. I don't know what to do.

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Do you know what basis he has to apply for a green card? What is his status in the US today? He cannot marry in the US unless he first divorces you. As far as alimony is concerned, that is a matter of family law and you should ask a family lawyer that question. But, I am confident that the fact that you are Taiwanese would not preclude you from receiving alimony.

I am very sorry to hear about your situation. I would recommend that you speak to a family lawyer now before he takes any action.


Unless he has an employment (or other type of) sponsor ... he can't get a greencard without you signing papers of sponsorship.

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If he is married to you he cannot validly get married in America, or at least the marriage would be void. If his new wife petition for him while he is still married to you, that petition would also be meritless, since it's based on a void relationship. You should consult with a family lawyer to discuss the possibility of getting alimony and/or child support.