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My husband and I are in the process of divorce, both of us are green card holder or legal immigrant, I want him deported to PI

Bloomington, IL |

Our divorce is causing a lot of emotional abuse on my part, since he has been saying bad things about me to people, and that almost all of our friends sided on him. I am sponsored
by the hospital as immigrant, and he
was automatically sponsored under me
being my husband. On what ground
can I have him deported? Is divorce
enough? He also helped illegal aliens
get a fake green card ID, will it be
considered ground for deportation? he is currently in the Philippines now for vacation, is there a way for him not to return here If I file for his deportation?
Please help me, thanks!

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Whether or not a person is deported or denied an immigration benefit is up to DHS ICE and the USCIS. There is no method for you to file to deport someone.

If your husband is involved in illegal activity you are free to notify ICE but whether they choose to act on it or investigate is up to them.


Let me get this straight:
1) You're not liking how the divorce is going.
2) You're looking for an underhanded way to gain advantage.

You need to look elsewhere.

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko


Stated with a beautiful precision.


You have no power to have him deported, if he violates a criminal law in the United States, the ICE authorities are the ones who will determine if he would be subject to deportation.


I agree with my colleagues, and note that divorce does not invest one with control over where an ex-spouse will reside.

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I would be careful not to make any vindictive intentional statements with respect to your ex husband and your desire to deport him based on unsubstantiated self serving statements.
Absent of any criminality and violations it is not up to your to decide his subsequent immigration fate after your divorce. Good luck in your matrimonial endeavors in the future, m'am.

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