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My Husband and I are getting divorced for the second time. Do I have any rights to the house?

Green Bay, WI |

we were married for 6 years the first time. During the divorce process our house had a fire. I receive a small lump sum for the house. We were together again right after the divorce. We lived together for 13 years and then got remarried 2 years ago. We rebuilt the house together right after the divorce . He is a carpenter. After the divorce he made sure the house,car and everything else was in his name only. Now the house is worth a lot more than it was. Am I able to get half of what the house is worth in this divorce?

We both live in Wisconsin.

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You need representation in this divorce to protect your rights. You should immediately interview local experienced divorce attorneys and hire the one you believe is right for you.

In general to your question: Wisconsin is a marital property state. Property brought to or acquired during the marriage, with some exceptions, is considered marital and to be divided equally. However, I cannot give you legal advice and there are many exceptions to the rules. Again, please get legal help as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Answering this question does not create an attorney client relationship. It is not legal advice.