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My husband and I are being harrassed and stalked by a relative in Illinois.

Oklahoma City, OK |

I broke off contact with my mother in Illinois. She is now mad about that and harassing and stalking us by email, calling my spouse's employer, my children's school making false allegations. She has a history of being vindictive when something doesn't work out the way she wants, she retaliates with phone calls every 5 minutes and emails etc.. We have filed restraining orders in the past ( she violated those and yet my lawyer and law enforcement did nothing). We have reconciled before trying to give her opportunities to change her ways and we are always back to this point. What can I do to protect myself and my family from her? She is out to ruin every aspect of my life until we "give in" and do what she wants. Which is to : maintain a relationship with her and basically be a doormat.

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You can block the emails and you can block her phone number. You just have to handle it through the carrier or provider. Your children's school should not be taking her calls and should not be providing her with any information. I would contact the principal and, if necessary, the superintendent. Here is a link for victims of stalking: ;
This may be helpful. You may need to speak to a criminal attorney.

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