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My husband and are going to get a uncontested divorce in the state of TN.

Bartlett, TN |

I was wondering if I need a lawyer to file the divorce papers with the county clerks office?
I found a website
where I could fill out the forms myself for $149.00.
Will this process work for me?

I wanted to add that we don't have any children, and we have already divided our property.

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The TN courts have issues approved forms for couples to file their own divorce. These are applicable so long as several conditions are met. These include no children, no real property owned, agreement to all division of property and alimony if any, and no qualified retirement plan to divide. Best of all there is NO cost for these forms and all courts in the state must accept them.

If any of the conditions preclude you from using these forms the divorce is more complicated and you should get an attorney to help.

At the end of this post is a link to the free state forms. If you have questions as you work through the forms you should be able to find an attorney to answer questions and review your documents (limited representation) for a modest sum.

Good luck.

This answer does not constitute legal advice nor form an attorney client relationship. I am not your lawyer. If you have a legal issue in Tennessee you may contact me for a free consult.


The clerk's office MAY have form available for use for you to represent yourself in an uncontested divorce, so you'll want to check the website for the clerk's office. These forms will not cost you anything.