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My husband abandoned me and our 3 kids and while pregnant with our 4th child in 2010. he refused to care for his kids

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my husband abandoned me and our 3 kids and while pregnant with our 4th child in 2010 . he refused to care for his kids and he denied fathering all 4 kids many times . he showed up one day in 2012 and acted like all was okay then he asked for the kids docs . i refused to give them to him and applied for child support in 2013 . Shortly after he was notified , i was being served divorce papers 3 days before we were to appear at the DA's for child support hearing . I refused to sign for them . Now what ?

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If he wants a divorce, he is going to get one. The child support case will probably be consolidated with the divorce case. If the children are his, he will have to pay child support for them based on his income. Child support guidelines are that he would pay 35% of this monthly net resources to you in child support, assuming he does not have any other children for whom he is financially responsible.

You must hire an attorney. If you cannot afford one, apply for help with Legal Aid of North West Texas. Also, ifyour husband can afford to hire an attorney, you should ask the court to have your husband pay your interim legal fees. You'd have to find a good attorney who would be willing to take your case on and go make that argument for you.

Don't worry too much. He's not going to get custody of your kids, based on teh facts you've given here, and he IS going to have to pay child support. You need to be divorced, so get involved in the process and make certain you are protected. Do not sign ANYTHING from your husband or his attorney until you have an attorney of your own look it over. I am very familiar with the courts in Tarrant County and can tell you that they are filled with good judges, but they have to treat you the same as if you were an attorney, if you decide to represent yourself.

Good luck!!


If you were actually served by a process server it doesn't matter if you signed for the papers. You need to hire an attorney as soon as possible.


It sounds like you do need to be divorced from your husband. From looking at the facts, it is not likely that your husband will get custody of the children. You make review his petition to see if he requested possession of the children. If these children are his children, he will be ordered to pay child support. In Texas, parents have an duty to financially support their minor children.

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