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My house has been what? How long do I have before I have to move or can I save my house? Can I save it?

Kingwood, TX |

I lost my job and couldn't make my payments, I stopped paying in 06/08. I managed to do small jobs and managed to have monies to restart making payments in 11/09. I called the mortgage company asking to resume paying and work out the past due later but they wouldn't accept my payment. I left contact information but no one called me back. I prepped to leave the house but really wanted to stay in it and called to see if something could be worked out in 04/09 and found out it had been foreclosed. Can I save it and if not, how long before I have to move? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Some lenders will file eviction actions with the court and you will have as long as it takes to get to hearing to move out. That could be a month or more. Other lenders will pay you to clean up and get out by a date certain, usually 30 days.

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